Coding and Pixel Art... Chu!

I'm a workaholic yellow mouse who enjoys oldschool vidya and caffeine. I'm a self-loathing indie game dev. I can't stand what indie games have become, especially the phone market and Steam bake sales, and I mean to do something about it by releasing a high quality, enduring, well-planned game with a lot of content. I feel gameplay duration and quality of the gameplay itself is what the current market lacks. There's a dime a dozen indie games that last only a few hours- Let's fix that!

I've started many projects, and dropped many. Things are finally coming together, and I've started actually releasing things I've made. I've made a game called Pinspace Pixelball, and I'm proud of how the art and sound came out! However, I feel like the difficulty is too much. It became that difficult because I became very good at it through playtesting, and I became blind to the learning curve. I may fix it, I may not. I did learn my lesson, though.

I don't like posting publicly what I'm working on, but I love showing my friends. If you see me in a group chat, I'd love to answer your questions! You can also probably guess what I'm doing by looking at my bugs.

Roleplay Anonymizer

I made an app to scrub out names from roleplays. It's still in testing, but it's really easy to use. Why don't you check it out and tell me what you think!

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I rarely post videos to YouTube. Mostly, I mess around and make random tidbits. If you want to listen to me whine about the latest new feature or game I'm playing, this is where to see it!

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