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0000050Rabbit Ranchers[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2017-04-03 20:50
Assigned TorainChu 
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Target Version0.0.1Fixed in Version0.0.1 
Summary0000050: Project set up
DescriptionCreate an initial framework on which to build;
* Add a carrot seed, a carrot plant, a mini crate, and a trashcan. Give the mini crate an item limit, make the trashcan bottomless.
* Create a field on which to grow carrots.
* Have carrot seeds able to be sown anywhere on the field.
* Have carrots grow when planted.
*Allow carrots to be disposed of before ripe, and harvested when ripe. Move them to the appropriate container (trashcan or available mini crate)
* Allow mini crates to be stored within other mini crates, as preparation for a proper inventory management system.
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