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0000373Rabbit Ranchers[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2018-04-14 13:16
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Summary0000373: Implement multiple Grid
DescriptionImplement a class RChu.TacticsNav.GridLink which will allow agents to autonomously travel from one Grid to another.
Additional Information* It should have a reference to the two Grid it connects, and for each, a GridPosition indicating where the link physically is.
* It should have a property distanceScale, which is used for A* calculations
* It should have two related readonly properties useFixedDistance and fixedDistance. They are set with the methods SetFixedDistance( float ) and ClearFixedDistance().

When Agent finds a path to another grid, each GridLink is treated as a node. if useFixedDistance is false, the distance cost of the GridLink is the absolute difference of the two GridPosition representing the two Grid connect points, to the factor of distanceScale. Otherwise, the distance cost is merely fixedDistance.

While Agent travels along the GridLink, its grid should be set to either null or a similar state indicating that it is between grids, and its position should lerp between the first and second GridPosition according to the same absolute speed at which it walks.
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