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0000371Rabbit Ranchers[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2018-03-04 01:32
Assigned TorainChu 
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Target VersionAlpha 3.0Fixed in VersionAlpha 3.0 
Summary0000371: Ability to move items between inventories using the Hand tool
DescriptionAllow the rabbits to transfer items.
Additional InformationAllow the rabbits to transfer items.
1. Player selects the Hand tool.
2. Player clicks on an InventoryRetrieveFrom.
3. If the Inventory contains items, they are shown just as Furniture currently are.
4. The player clicks on an Item inside.
5. The player moves the mouse. The HeldItem model is shown under the mouse cursor, spinning slowly. It is not snapped to the grid.
6. When the player hovers the mouse over an InventoryStoreTo which will accept the item, the HeldItem snaps in place, and the InventoryStoreTo's GameObject's outline turns green. If the InventoryStoreTo will not accept the item, the item still snaps in place, but the outline turns red instead.
7. When the player clicks on an InventoryStoreTo that will accept the item, the InventoryStoreTo begins to advertise to the AI that that ItemInstance should be moved. The HeldItem performs an animation indicating storage. The ItemInstance is reserved from the InventoryRetrieveFrom and held captive in the InventoryStoreTo. The ItemInstance is only formally transferred to the Inventory itself when the task complets successfully. If the Task fails, the captive ItemInstance is released from reservation, thereby returning it to the Inventory belonging to the InventoryRetrieveFrom.
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