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0000240Rabbit Ranchers[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2017-11-19 20:12
Assigned TorainChu 
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Target VersionAlpha 2Fixed in VersionAlpha 2 
Summary0000240: Add character held tool
DescriptionAdd in held tools. Each character can hold up to one tool. The tool is taken out of a chest or crate, like a held item, but it doesn't occupy the held slot.
Add a new tool to the toolbar, Apply. It allows the current tool to be used.
Watering can: Apply to crops to water or the Well to recharge.
Hoe: Till soil.
Sickle: Destroy crop
Clicking on an empty container or surface with the Apply tool allows the tool to be placed.

Another new tool to the toolbar is the Grab/Exchange tool. If this tool is used on another rabbit, the two will swap their tools.

Add icons to the top right to show which rabbits possess which tools.
Add sprites of the tools strapped to the rabbit's backs to show their tools in the game world.
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