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0000140Rabbit Ranchers[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-11-12 06:16
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Summary0000140: Refactor Task class
DescriptionCurrently, there is a ton of similar code across all classes that derive from Task. Some tasks inherit MoveTo, and do things a bit weirdly.

Refactor all classes that derive from Task to be sealed.

Remove the common m_subtask variable in derived classes of Task.

Add a List<Task> m_subtasks to the Task class, to be populated with all subtasks.
Add a currentSubtask property to Task class, returning the first task in the m_subtasks.
Remove the common State enum in all derived classes of Task, and track the state instead by popping subtasks off the front of m_subtasks.

Have Task be responsible for calling OnBegin et. of the subtasks, rather than derived classes.
Change failed property to return true if any subtasks have failed.
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2017-11-12 06:16

administrator   ~0000069

I'll do this later; it works for now, so there's no immediate need to redo it

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