Scheduled For Release 2018-09-12
Hotfix for Alpha 3
0000466: [Bug] Crates of produce on pier don't return correct prices (rainChu)
0000468: [Bug] SalableInventory.GetPrice doesn't include the price of crate contents (rainChu)
0000470: [Bug] The bath doesn't advertise (rainChu)
0000469: [Bug] Music stops at around 2pm (rainChu)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-10-05
Gameplay improvements
0000444: [Unknown] Washing dishes in use causes an InvalidOperationException (K-O-Rosey)
0000464: [Bug] Crates on sand filled with like items become immobile when touched the wrong way (K-O-Rosey)
0000449: [Feature Request] Add counters
0000306: [Feature Request] Hilight objects with a color outline when an action can be performed (rainChu)
0000307: [Feature Request] Add icons above each tasked labor job to indicate it's been queued up (rainChu)
0000358: [General] Revamp plant happiness (rainChu)
0000387: [Feature Request] Add the ability for labor auto tasks to interrupt/cancel leisure auto tasks
0000416: [General] Moving camera with the mouse is too fast
0000417: [Bug] The popups from the crates and overlap the pictures of the rabbits
0000433: [Feature Request] Orders don't save as toggled on loaded game
0000439: [General] Seeds are deleted during the process of being taken from the crate to the soil once the day ends
0000414: [Feature Request] Add windows
0000415: [Feature Request] Add multiple door and window styles
0000041: [Feature Request] Add a normal sized crate
0000042: [Feature Request] Add a mega crate
0000044: [Art] Create art for the normal crate
0000045: [Art] Add art for the mega crate
0000304: [Feature Request] Pan camera with WSAD (rainChu)
0000461: [Art] Create a some subtle dust cloud particles (rainChu)
0000391: [Sound/Other Asset] Create basic sound effects (Mnesia)
0000458: [Art] Redo the main menu (K-O-Rosey)
0000346: [Feature Request] Add rainy weather (rainChu)
0000113: [Art] Improve the radial menu so it actually looks good (rainChu)
0000236: [Feature Request] Story editor (rainChu)
0000248: [Art] Draw all standing & walking rabbit sprites, facing away (K-O-Rosey)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-11-01
Multiplayer support
0000399: [Bug] Goals needs a context popup for new goals
0000400: [General] There was no oar to find in the tutorial
0000195: [Feature Request] Add action in story script to disable clock
0000209: [Feature Request] Add character on character interaction
0000296: [Feature Request] Add a log of all dialog (rainChu)
0000297: [Feature Request] Click the dialog to speed it up (rainChu)
0000337: [Feature Request] Create an "are you sure?" box asking the player if it's okay to quit (rainChu)
0000344: [Feature Request] Create a credits screen (rainChu)
0000226: [Feature Request] Add a toggle to put walls always down, always up, or hidden over mouse (rainChu)
0000230: [Feature Request] Add multiplayer control of rabbits (rainChu)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-01-31
0000422: [General] Replace outlines used in UI with TextMesh Pro underlay
0000198: [Art] Create a logo for rainChu
0000206: [Art] Improve ghost models
0000231: [Feature Request] Add a circle to the base of rabbit's feet to easily tell where they are, when zoomed out
0000266: [Feature Request] Add a high and low LOD mesh to the SeedGrinder
       0000265: [Feature Request] Add LOD functionality for the models
0000349: [Art] Add nude art for baths/showers (K-O-Rosey)
0000352: [Art] Create new icons for the toolbar (rainChu)
0000053: [Feature Request] Add lettuce
0000336: [Feature Request] Create a TV schedule (rainChu)
0000339: [Feature Request] Add tomatoes (rainChu)
0000340: [Feature Request] Add corn (rainChu)
0000234: [Art] Add shine and polish to radial menus (rainChu)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-01-01
Features I want to do, without a definite date
0000375: [Feature Request] Add support for multiple stories
       0000373: [Feature Request] Implement multiple Grid
0000423: [Bug] Top movement obstacles are broken
0000122: [Feature Request] Add skill level for harvesting
0000123: [Feature Request] Add Strength stat
0000132: [General] Refactor Resources folder
0000421: [Feature Request] Add a Barbecue Grill (rainChu)
0000392: [Feature Request] Walls should be highlighted when moused over during construction. (rainChu)
0000134: [Feature Request] Add Simulation speeds (rainChu)
0000139: [Feature Request] Click and drag furniture with the hand tool to rotate it (rainChu)
       0000138: [Feature Request] Create "Hand" tool to move furniture (rainChu)
0000299: [Bug] Excess Carrot Binning (rainChu)
0000140: [General] Refactor Task class (rainChu)
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