Alpha. Major game mechanics have logic. The art is adequate to visually describe what is happening, though not all sprites may be finished. Screenshots look appealing and attractive. All tasks planned to be in the game can be done in some simplified way, demonstrating that the complete system works.
0000139: [Feature Request] Click and drag furniture with the hand tool to rotate it (rainChu)
       0000138: [Feature Request] Create "Hand" tool to move furniture (rainChu)
0000210: [Bug] Rabbit's held item position is wrong (rainChu)
0000109: [Umbrella Feature] Replace all placeholder art assets with alpha art assets (rainChu)
       0000046: [Art] Add art for the mailbox (rainChu)
0000188: [Art] Portrait for Rosemary (rainChu)
0000187: [General] Finish tutorial story (rainChu)
0000189: [Art] Trento standing, walking sprites (rainChu)
0000193: [Art] Create model for MealServing (rainChu)
0000204: [Bug] Replace Ghost for CrateMini (rainChu)
0000192: [Art] create model for MealPreserved (rainChu)
0000202: [Feature Request] Add Rotate tool (rainChu)
0000201: [Bug] Characters snapped to bed cause chairs to stop functioning (rainChu)
0000197: [Feature Request] Fade screen to black, use screen transitions while the game loads (rainChu)
0000199: [Feature Request] Add the Alpha version warning movie (rainChu)
0000200: [Bug] Rabbits can't be seen through fully exposed walls (rainChu)
0000186: [Art] Replace clock texture (rainChu)
0000127: [Art] Make a model for the toilet (rainChu)
0000196: [Bug] Walls prevent Taskable raycast (rainChu)
0000191: [Art] Add art for the television (rainChu)
0000126: [Art] Make a model for the beds (rainChu)
0000141: [Feature Request] Add floor tile (rainChu)
0000133: [Feature Request] Add an item name translator (rainChu)
0000116: [Feature Request] Add walls (rainChu)
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