Gameplay improvements
0000448: [Unknown] House goes invisible when renovating back part of living room (rainChu)
0000463: [Unknown] A carrot can be grabbed for cooking while the crate's en route elsewhere (rainChu)
0000467: [Bug] Fields do not link up with seed crates on game load (rainChu)
0000465: [Bug] Game doesn't save well on rainy days (rainChu)
0000459: [Bug] Items within moving crates can be equipped from original crate space (rainChu)
0000420: [General] Add tools to Spine sprites (rainChu)
0000452: [Bug] Characters can move a tasked crate (rainChu)
0000455: [Bug] Outdoor wall material changes to indoor wall upon renovating (rainChu)
0000453: [Bug] Two rabbits can sleep in one single bed (rainChu)
0000454: [Bug] Crops hover over ground a bit (rainChu)
0000456: [Bug] Characters snap to ground level if seated when a wall is placed (rainChu)
0000457: [Bug] Bell Pepper Stalks can be tossed into crates as if they're fruit (rainChu)
0000451: [Bug] MealPreserved doesn't take the appropriate amount of time to consume (rainChu)
0000450: [Bug] Able to queue up items to be moved into crates past its limit (rainChu)
0000445: [Bug] Two rabbits given a Watering Can each can end up watering the same plant marked for watering. (rainChu)
0000446: [Bug] Empty Crates aren't recognized as obstacles once moved elsewhere until after loading (rainChu)
0000443: [General] Refactor sound effects on furniture to use an effects GameObject (rainChu)
0000447: [Bug] Eating food is completed faster than usual after placing on table (rainChu)
0000435: [Bug] House and all inside go invisible upon renovating by adding walls in a certain place (rainChu)
0000427: [Bug] The option to Eat appears while food is being seasoned (rainChu)
0000432: [Bug] Weirdness from selecting a different character from going to the shop where the selected character's name appears instead of the (rainChu)
0000425: [Bug] The Bathtub breaks on canceling the task to Bathe (rainChu)
0000440: [Bug] Canned veggies end up inedible, but interactable and movable sometimes (rainChu)
0000372: [General] Refactor RChu.TacticsNav.Obstacle to use an enum bitmask for obstacleType (rainChu)
0000442: [Unknown] Refactor TacticsNav obstacles to be specific to RR (rainChu)
0000436: [Bug] Crated items get eaten en route to being put on the boat (rainChu)
0000438: [Bug] Ghost from grabbing crates interrupts paths (rainChu)
0000407: [General] Mint was sleeping, other rabbits in the living room; Mint continued getting -antisocial. (rainChu)
0000426: [Bug] The option to Prepare Food at an occupied oven appears while a rabbit is undergoing the cooking process (rainChu)
0000428: [General] Remove englishName from paint assets (rainChu)
0000429: [General] Sort paint patterns into a dedicated folder (rainChu)
0000430: [General] Genericize the paint HeldItem (rainChu)
0000431: [Bug] Rabbits get stuck at grabbing a meal if too many are assigned to grab a plate too soon after each other (rainChu)
0000434: [Bug] Splash particles freeze and stack up in count because the rainfall doesn't pause with game (rainChu)
0000230: [Feature Request] Add multiplayer control of rabbits (rainChu)
0000411: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate floors (rainChu)
0000412: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate walls (rainChu)
0000413: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate objects/furniture (rainChu)
0000393: [Art] Add mood portraits for dialog (K-O-Rosey)
0000418: [Feature Request] Improve sky (rainChu)
       0000359: [Feature Request] Create a proper map/farm land layout (rainChu)
0000235: [Feature Request] Ability to start Cutscenes from a StoryScript (rainChu)
0000419: [Feature Request] Add ocean (rainChu)
       0000359: [Feature Request] Create a proper map/farm land layout (rainChu)
0000365: [Bug] Watering tasks need to be improved (rainChu)
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