Alpha 3.1.x: This will again be a limited release. The Alpha 3.1 series will continue until it's rock solid.
0000234: [Art] Add shine and polish to radial menus (rainChu)
0000113: [Art] Improve the radial menu so it actually looks good (rainChu)
0000404: [General] Goals for Part 1 of the tutorial haven't left on the next day (rainChu)
0000401: [General] Plant count flags not set on story load (rainChu)
0000402: [General] Players can grind for P (rainChu)
0000403: [General] Trent's foot has gone missing (rainChu)
0000134: [Feature Request] Add Simulation speeds (rainChu)
0000236: [Feature Request] Story editor (rainChu)
0000398: [General] Well/Draw is what appears overtop of getting water from the well on the radial menu (rainChu)
0000396: [General] One of the rabbits stood overtop of a bed to place a chair below the bed (rainChu)
0000395: [General] The tutorial story doesn't check off turning on the television (rainChu)
0000394: [General] Nobody can sleep in the beds currently (rainChu)
0000390: [Bug] Crash while swapping a tool that's already been placed elsewhere. (rainChu)
0000386: [General] Dom's Mystery Plant is counted as dead upon harvesting. (rainChu)
0000377: [Feature Request] Add story editor nodes for plant count and item count (rainChu)
0000388: [General] Dom isn't referring to characters by context sensitive pronouns. (rainChu)
0000383: [Bug] Harvested plants are pooling into the same crate as the Mystery Plant. (rainChu)
0000384: [Bug] Lack of AI's taking initiative in the case of moving furniture after a harvest containing the mystery plant (rainChu)
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