Bug fixes
0000326: [Art] Add a proper HeldItem for FurnitureWall (rainChu)
0000324: [Art] Floor lamps are missing textures (rainChu)
0000328: [Bug] Able to build walls over doors (rainChu)
0000327: [Bug] Doors on wall caps don't have the proper ceiling mesh (rainChu)
0000325: [Bug] Doors located in wall corners are broken. (rainChu)
0000322: [Bug] Walls don't generate correctly in some circumstances (rainChu)
0000319: [Bug] mailbox won't spawn more than 20 of the same item (rainChu)
0000298: [Feature Request] Load game is broken (rainChu)
0000214: [Bug] Television noise not always updated (rainChu)
0000301: [Bug] Problems with chair/dining tasks (rainChu)
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