Alpha 3 is the first version to be classified as a "game." It focuses on gamifying the foundation of Alpha 2 and on initial balance.

Alpha 3.0.x: This will be a limited release, just to nip bugs in the bud.
0000376: [Bug] Unable to store held tool to a crate with the same kind of tool already in it (rainChu)
0000341: [Feature Request] Add assets for eggplant (rainChu)
0000374: [General] Use ScriptableObject for Itemdata instead of a custom YAML parser (rainChu)
0000357: [Feature Request] Adjust plants to only age up each midnight (rainChu)
0000111: [Feature Request] Add standing orders menu (rainChu)
0000244: [Feature Request] Add a social need (rainChu)
0000371: [Feature Request] Ability to move items between inventories using the Hand tool (rainChu)
0000367: [General] Refactor GetTasks and remove radial menu (rainChu)
0000366: [General] Reimplement the ability to store furniture in crates (rainChu)
0000362: [General] Refactor StoreInContainer constructors (rainChu)
0000363: [Bug] Crates become disconnected from fields (rainChu)
0000351: [Bug] Rabbits should get out of bed to perform user-assigned tasks (rainChu)
0000364: [Bug] Cooking task is broken (rainChu)
0000361: [Feature Request] Add inventory popup to grab things out of crates using the hand tool (rainChu)
0000360: [General] Revamp Taskable system (rainChu)
0000241: [Feature Request] Add a well (rainChu)
0000237: [Feature Request] Add plant qualities (rainChu)
0000356: [Bug] Cannot retrieve held tool from a crate after load (rainChu)
0000355: [Bug] Plants can die from thirst while in task to be watered (rainChu)
0000354: [Bug] Tilled fields do not save on day end (rainChu)
0000120: [Feature Request] Field must be tilled before it can be planted (rainChu)
0000247: [Feature Request] Change seed tool to be a HeldTool (rainChu)
0000243: [Feature Request] Allow interactions to give the family points. (rainChu)
0000347: [Feature Request] Add mood badges (rainChu)
0000350: [Feature Request] Add a page showing the mood breakdown (rainChu)
0000348: [Feature Request] Add a bath and the hygiene need (rainChu)
0000333: [Feature Request] Create season system (rainChu)
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