Improvements to existing game systems and additional core systems are implemented.
0000264: [Feature Request] Prepare Alpha 2 for release (rainChu)
0000229: [Feature Request] Add a speed stat (rainChu)
0000246: [Feature Request] Replace MoveMealToEat task with a cutscene (rainChu)
0000205: [Bug] Replace table and chair assets (rainChu)
0000128: [Art] Add art for the seed grinder (rainChu)
0000228: [Feature Request] Create a "cheat" menu (rainChu)
0000110: [Feature Request] Allow rabbits to eat raw vegetables (rainChu)
0000238: [Feature Request] Plants must be watered (rainChu)
0000240: [Feature Request] Add character held tool (rainChu)
0000245: [General] Refactor AI system (rainChu)
0000207: [Bug] RoomInfo not updated when a HeldItem is removed from a Container (rainChu)
0000242: [Feature Request] Disable Stockpile and give the family of 100GP per day (rainChu)
0000233: [Feature Request] Buy catalog pauses time (rainChu)
       0000232: [Bug] Rabbits don't properly scale with actual time (rainChu)
0000208: [Feature Request] Fully implement buy catalog (rainChu)
0000203: [Feature Request] Remove radial menus (rainChu)
       0000142: [Feature Request] Simplify cooking (rainChu)
0000211: [Bug] Television produces negative light against shader used on the floor (rainChu)
0000227: [Bug] 3 and 4 channel color swapper shaders don't have an Add pass (rainChu)
0000225: [Feature Request] Create a TO-DO list UI (rainChu)
0000185: [Bug] Add property to furniture to allow hauling when in a bad mood (rainChu)
0000215: [Bug] Hovering over walls is irritating and disorientating (rainChu)
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