Hotfix for Alpha 3
0000466: [Bug] Crates of produce on pier don't return correct prices (rainChu)
0000468: [Bug] SalableInventory.GetPrice doesn't include the price of crate contents (rainChu)
0000470: [Bug] The bath doesn't advertise (rainChu)
0000469: [Bug] Music stops at around 2pm (rainChu)
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Gameplay improvements
0000448: [Unknown] House goes invisible when renovating back part of living room (rainChu)
0000463: [Unknown] A carrot can be grabbed for cooking while the crate's en route elsewhere (rainChu)
0000467: [Bug] Fields do not link up with seed crates on game load (rainChu)
0000465: [Bug] Game doesn't save well on rainy days (rainChu)
0000459: [Bug] Items within moving crates can be equipped from original crate space (rainChu)
0000420: [General] Add tools to Spine sprites (rainChu)
0000452: [Bug] Characters can move a tasked crate (rainChu)
0000455: [Bug] Outdoor wall material changes to indoor wall upon renovating (rainChu)
0000453: [Bug] Two rabbits can sleep in one single bed (rainChu)
0000454: [Bug] Crops hover over ground a bit (rainChu)
0000456: [Bug] Characters snap to ground level if seated when a wall is placed (rainChu)
0000457: [Bug] Bell Pepper Stalks can be tossed into crates as if they're fruit (rainChu)
0000451: [Bug] MealPreserved doesn't take the appropriate amount of time to consume (rainChu)
0000450: [Bug] Able to queue up items to be moved into crates past its limit (rainChu)
0000445: [Bug] Two rabbits given a Watering Can each can end up watering the same plant marked for watering. (rainChu)
0000446: [Bug] Empty Crates aren't recognized as obstacles once moved elsewhere until after loading (rainChu)
0000443: [General] Refactor sound effects on furniture to use an effects GameObject (rainChu)
0000447: [Bug] Eating food is completed faster than usual after placing on table (rainChu)
0000435: [Bug] House and all inside go invisible upon renovating by adding walls in a certain place (rainChu)
0000427: [Bug] The option to Eat appears while food is being seasoned (rainChu)
0000432: [Bug] Weirdness from selecting a different character from going to the shop where the selected character's name appears instead of the (rainChu)
0000425: [Bug] The Bathtub breaks on canceling the task to Bathe (rainChu)
0000440: [Bug] Canned veggies end up inedible, but interactable and movable sometimes (rainChu)
0000372: [General] Refactor RChu.TacticsNav.Obstacle to use an enum bitmask for obstacleType (rainChu)
0000442: [Unknown] Refactor TacticsNav obstacles to be specific to RR (rainChu)
0000436: [Bug] Crated items get eaten en route to being put on the boat (rainChu)
0000438: [Bug] Ghost from grabbing crates interrupts paths (rainChu)
0000407: [General] Mint was sleeping, other rabbits in the living room; Mint continued getting -antisocial. (rainChu)
0000426: [Bug] The option to Prepare Food at an occupied oven appears while a rabbit is undergoing the cooking process (rainChu)
0000428: [General] Remove englishName from paint assets (rainChu)
0000429: [General] Sort paint patterns into a dedicated folder (rainChu)
0000430: [General] Genericize the paint HeldItem (rainChu)
0000431: [Bug] Rabbits get stuck at grabbing a meal if too many are assigned to grab a plate too soon after each other (rainChu)
0000434: [Bug] Splash particles freeze and stack up in count because the rainfall doesn't pause with game (rainChu)
0000230: [Feature Request] Add multiplayer control of rabbits (rainChu)
0000411: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate floors (rainChu)
0000412: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate walls (rainChu)
0000413: [Feature Request] Ability to decorate objects/furniture (rainChu)
0000393: [Art] Add mood portraits for dialog (K-O-Rosey)
0000418: [Feature Request] Improve sky (rainChu)
       0000359: [Feature Request] Create a proper map/farm land layout (rainChu)
0000235: [Feature Request] Ability to start Cutscenes from a StoryScript (rainChu)
0000419: [Feature Request] Add ocean (rainChu)
       0000359: [Feature Request] Create a proper map/farm land layout (rainChu)
0000365: [Bug] Watering tasks need to be improved (rainChu)
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Critical fix for Alpha 3.1
0000409: [Bug] Mail order catalog only opens correctly the first time (rainChu)
0000408: [Bug] mail order catalog babbles (rainChu)
0000406: [Feature Request] Moods aren't saved (rainChu)
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Alpha 3.1.x: This will again be a limited release. The Alpha 3.1 series will continue until it's rock solid.
0000234: [Art] Add shine and polish to radial menus (rainChu)
0000113: [Art] Improve the radial menu so it actually looks good (rainChu)
0000404: [General] Goals for Part 1 of the tutorial haven't left on the next day (rainChu)
0000401: [General] Plant count flags not set on story load (rainChu)
0000402: [General] Players can grind for P (rainChu)
0000403: [General] Trent's foot has gone missing (rainChu)
0000134: [Feature Request] Add Simulation speeds (rainChu)
0000236: [Feature Request] Story editor (rainChu)
0000398: [General] Well/Draw is what appears overtop of getting water from the well on the radial menu (rainChu)
0000396: [General] One of the rabbits stood overtop of a bed to place a chair below the bed (rainChu)
0000395: [General] The tutorial story doesn't check off turning on the television (rainChu)
0000394: [General] Nobody can sleep in the beds currently (rainChu)
0000390: [Bug] Crash while swapping a tool that's already been placed elsewhere. (rainChu)
0000386: [General] Dom's Mystery Plant is counted as dead upon harvesting. (rainChu)
0000377: [Feature Request] Add story editor nodes for plant count and item count (rainChu)
0000388: [General] Dom isn't referring to characters by context sensitive pronouns. (rainChu)
0000383: [Bug] Harvested plants are pooling into the same crate as the Mystery Plant. (rainChu)
0000384: [Bug] Lack of AI's taking initiative in the case of moving furniture after a harvest containing the mystery plant (rainChu)
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Alpha 3 is the first version to be classified as a "game." It focuses on gamifying the foundation of Alpha 2 and on initial balance.

Alpha 3.0.x: This will be a limited release, just to nip bugs in the bud.
0000376: [Bug] Unable to store held tool to a crate with the same kind of tool already in it (rainChu)
0000341: [Feature Request] Add assets for eggplant (rainChu)
0000374: [General] Use ScriptableObject for Itemdata instead of a custom YAML parser (rainChu)
0000357: [Feature Request] Adjust plants to only age up each midnight (rainChu)
0000111: [Feature Request] Add standing orders menu (rainChu)
0000244: [Feature Request] Add a social need (rainChu)
0000371: [Feature Request] Ability to move items between inventories using the Hand tool (rainChu)
0000367: [General] Refactor GetTasks and remove radial menu (rainChu)
0000366: [General] Reimplement the ability to store furniture in crates (rainChu)
0000362: [General] Refactor StoreInContainer constructors (rainChu)
0000363: [Bug] Crates become disconnected from fields (rainChu)
0000351: [Bug] Rabbits should get out of bed to perform user-assigned tasks (rainChu)
0000364: [Bug] Cooking task is broken (rainChu)
0000361: [Feature Request] Add inventory popup to grab things out of crates using the hand tool (rainChu)
0000360: [General] Revamp Taskable system (rainChu)
0000241: [Feature Request] Add a well (rainChu)
0000237: [Feature Request] Add plant qualities (rainChu)
0000356: [Bug] Cannot retrieve held tool from a crate after load (rainChu)
0000355: [Bug] Plants can die from thirst while in task to be watered (rainChu)
0000354: [Bug] Tilled fields do not save on day end (rainChu)
0000120: [Feature Request] Field must be tilled before it can be planted (rainChu)
0000247: [Feature Request] Change seed tool to be a HeldTool (rainChu)
0000243: [Feature Request] Allow interactions to give the family points. (rainChu)
0000347: [Feature Request] Add mood badges (rainChu)
0000350: [Feature Request] Add a page showing the mood breakdown (rainChu)
0000348: [Feature Request] Add a bath and the hygiene need (rainChu)
0000333: [Feature Request] Create season system (rainChu)
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Bug fixes
0000345: [Bug] Tools held by rabbits don't save (rainChu)
0000338: [Bug] Sun.UpdateSunRoomInfos has poor performance (rainChu)
0000330: [Bug] RChu.TacticsNav.Agent has intensive Update when no pathing is required. (rainChu)
0000334: [Bug] Television does not save (rainChu)
0000335: [Bug] Meals sometimes throw uncaught reference error when eaten (rainChu)
0000302: [Bug] Save games are completely broken (rainChu)
0000332: [Bug] To Do list disappears too early while trying to scroll down (rainChu)
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Bug fixes
0000326: [Art] Add a proper HeldItem for FurnitureWall (rainChu)
0000324: [Art] Floor lamps are missing textures (rainChu)
0000328: [Bug] Able to build walls over doors (rainChu)
0000327: [Bug] Doors on wall caps don't have the proper ceiling mesh (rainChu)
0000325: [Bug] Doors located in wall corners are broken. (rainChu)
0000322: [Bug] Walls don't generate correctly in some circumstances (rainChu)
0000319: [Bug] mailbox won't spawn more than 20 of the same item (rainChu)
0000298: [Feature Request] Load game is broken (rainChu)
0000214: [Bug] Television noise not always updated (rainChu)
0000301: [Bug] Problems with chair/dining tasks (rainChu)
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Improvements to existing game systems and additional core systems are implemented.
0000264: [Feature Request] Prepare Alpha 2 for release (rainChu)
0000229: [Feature Request] Add a speed stat (rainChu)
0000246: [Feature Request] Replace MoveMealToEat task with a cutscene (rainChu)
0000205: [Bug] Replace table and chair assets (rainChu)
0000128: [Art] Add art for the seed grinder (rainChu)
0000228: [Feature Request] Create a "cheat" menu (rainChu)
0000110: [Feature Request] Allow rabbits to eat raw vegetables (rainChu)
0000238: [Feature Request] Plants must be watered (rainChu)
0000240: [Feature Request] Add character held tool (rainChu)
0000245: [General] Refactor AI system (rainChu)
0000207: [Bug] RoomInfo not updated when a HeldItem is removed from a Container (rainChu)
0000242: [Feature Request] Disable Stockpile and give the family of 100GP per day (rainChu)
0000233: [Feature Request] Buy catalog pauses time (rainChu)
       0000232: [Bug] Rabbits don't properly scale with actual time (rainChu)
0000208: [Feature Request] Fully implement buy catalog (rainChu)
0000203: [Feature Request] Remove radial menus (rainChu)
       0000142: [Feature Request] Simplify cooking (rainChu)
0000211: [Bug] Television produces negative light against shader used on the floor (rainChu)
0000227: [Bug] 3 and 4 channel color swapper shaders don't have an Add pass (rainChu)
0000225: [Feature Request] Create a TO-DO list UI (rainChu)
0000185: [Bug] Add property to furniture to allow hauling when in a bad mood (rainChu)
0000215: [Bug] Hovering over walls is irritating and disorientating (rainChu)
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Critical bug fixes to Alpha 1
0000216: [Bug] Can't build walls after loading a game (rainChu)
0000218: [Bug] Remove wall tool continues to hide walls (rainChu)
0000223: [Bug] If rabbits are enclosed by a wall, they can get stuck (rainChu)
0000219: [Bug] Changing the selected rabbit reverts to the select tool (rainChu)
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Alpha. Major game mechanics have logic. The art is adequate to visually describe what is happening, though not all sprites may be finished. Screenshots look appealing and attractive. All tasks planned to be in the game can be done in some simplified way, demonstrating that the complete system works.
0000139: [Feature Request] Click and drag furniture with the hand tool to rotate it (rainChu)
       0000138: [Feature Request] Create "Hand" tool to move furniture (rainChu)
0000210: [Bug] Rabbit's held item position is wrong (rainChu)
0000109: [Umbrella Feature] Replace all placeholder art assets with alpha art assets (rainChu)
       0000046: [Art] Add art for the mailbox (rainChu)
0000188: [Art] Portrait for Rosemary (rainChu)
0000187: [General] Finish tutorial story (rainChu)
0000189: [Art] Trento standing, walking sprites (rainChu)
0000193: [Art] Create model for MealServing (rainChu)
0000204: [Bug] Replace Ghost for CrateMini (rainChu)
0000192: [Art] create model for MealPreserved (rainChu)
0000202: [Feature Request] Add Rotate tool (rainChu)
0000201: [Bug] Characters snapped to bed cause chairs to stop functioning (rainChu)
0000197: [Feature Request] Fade screen to black, use screen transitions while the game loads (rainChu)
0000199: [Feature Request] Add the Alpha version warning movie (rainChu)
0000200: [Bug] Rabbits can't be seen through fully exposed walls (rainChu)
0000186: [Art] Replace clock texture (rainChu)
0000127: [Art] Make a model for the toilet (rainChu)
0000196: [Bug] Walls prevent Taskable raycast (rainChu)
0000191: [Art] Add art for the television (rainChu)
0000126: [Art] Make a model for the beds (rainChu)
0000141: [Feature Request] Add floor tile (rainChu)
0000133: [Feature Request] Add an item name translator (rainChu)
0000116: [Feature Request] Add walls (rainChu)
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